Biomass Plants

Biomass Power Plants are an integral of inclusive development at KPIL as these projects generate rural employment as well as contribute positively to a greener environment by converting waste materials into clean energy and stable grid in the rural areas.

150000 MT

Procure, Process, and Use of
Biomass in a Year


One of the Top Companies to
Get Registered in 2005


Benefited Generated from
its Ganga Nagar Plant
for 10 Years

Gold Standard Certification

In 2012

Our Projects

Padampur Biomass Plant

KPIL has set up a Biomass plant at Padampur in the Ganganagar district of Rajasthan in 2003. This plant uses agricultural crop residues & forestry wastes (biomass) as inputs and generates 7.8 MW of power.

Rajasthan Biomass Plant

KPIL has set up another biomass plant in Tonk District of Rajasthan in 2006 of 8 MW capacity. This plant also uses agriculture crop residues & forestry wastes (biomass) as inputs.

Since then, both plants have so far generated 182 Cr. Units, at 80 % PLF, consuming 25 Lac MT of biomass and have generated Revenue of Rs.1014 Crores.

Both Plants have logistics infrastructure to collect approx. 180,000 MTs of Biomass every year. The Company has paid 518 Crores so far to the farmers of both plant areas against biomass purchase, adding additional income to their livelihood.

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KPIL is one of the top companies around the globe to get registered with UNFCCC in 2005 and has benefited from CERs (Certified Emission Reduction) generated from its Ganganagar plant for 10 years.

The project later on achieved Gold Standard Certification in 2012. The second biomass plant at Tonk started its commercial operation in the year 2006 and get registered with UNFCCC in the year 2007 and achieved Gold Standard Certification in 2009.

Gold Standard is the only premium quality standard for carbon emission reduction projects with added sustainable development benefits and guaranteed environmental integrity. The Gold Standard label distinguishes projects and emissions under the Clean Development Mechanism, joint implementation, and voluntary offset markets.

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