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Corporate Social Responsibility

KPIL's long-term vision focuses on empowering marginalized and vulnerable communities with a view to enable them to improve their quality of  lives. We recognize the multifaceted challenges faced by society at large . To drive lasting social impact and systemic change, we have established the Kalpataru Foundation and the Kalpataru Welfare Trust. Through these social machinery, we identify and address key need areas, under the issues of Healthcare, Education, Skilling, Animal Welfare, Environment and Community development. By collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging partnerships we aim to uplift marginalized communities, empower youth, and bridge gaps in access to essential resources. Our CSR efforts foster transformative change through innovative and sustainable solutions. We partner with all segments of society across various geographies spanning Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and beyond to create opportunities to catalyze community well-being. The essence of the Kalpataru Spirit is deeply ingrained in our core values as we strive to maximize social impact for those in need. With a focus on long-term solutions and a belief in collective action, KPIL strives to create a positive and equitable society in India.

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