Our Culture Tenets

At KPIL, we hold the distinction of being one of the leaders in the EPC industry not only because of the kind of work we do, but most importantly because of the kind of people we nurture, groom and take along with us on our journey of success. We believe, that in order to build a vibrant culture it is important to align our talented workforce with the organizations strategy, but, it is also important to understand the aspirations of our people. This makes us more likely to succeed together in national and global markets. Culture is created by design, it is an organizations’ culture that shapes its values and the right values determine the future. We build our growth on a culture of collective success which drives the value system of our organization on principles of ethical business practices, customer centricity, pride, respect, team work and happiness at work for our people.

We are proud to live by our values and expect the same of everyone who works with or for KPIL.

None of the amazing things we do would be possible without an equally amazing culture, the environment in which to do them, one where ideas can flourish, and where you are empowered to move forward as far as your ideas will take you. This is something we achieve through cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mind-set of exploration and applied innovation. A career at KPIL means being a part of a dynamic culture where we are united by a common purpose: To amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses and communities.

Our Values

A common code that helps us move forward

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Ownership Mindset Operational Excellence Building Capabilities
of the Future
People Excellence
Organization first! Driven by Process not by Exceptions Balance between financial metrics and broader performance Value Performance not Hierarchy
Delegation with accountability Efficiency and Effectiveness for Productivity Focus on diversified business portfolio for sustainable growth Driven by a larger purpose as a team
Own benchmarks Right Mix of Own and Subcontracting Teams Strategic focus in new geographies and new business areas Opportunity to create a legacy
Innovate – be the first one Global workforce with local norms Develop internal leadership pipeline Opportunity for cross-functional and geographic mobility

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