Learn, Grow & Transform

We believe in holistic Talent Development and towards that our holistic Talent Philosophy is instrumental in providing a learning, growth and transformation oriented environment to our teams. We are focused on meeting the organization wide learning, leadership and organization development needs.

The objectives of a robust talent development process focus on:

  • Creating a values-based learning culture, to build an agile organization.
  • Driving productivity for exceptional delivery and people empowerment.
  • Motivating and engaging employees for sustainable growth and responsible business.
  • Developing capabilities through employee owned learning, which is seamless, accessible and connected.
  • Developing competencies and skills, critical for the company’s present and long term success.

As our commitment to building a learning culture, The Kalpa-Vriksha Learning Centre (KLC), a state of the art training centre serves as a testament to the vision of our visionary Leader and Chairman of Kalpataru group, Shri Mofatraj P. Munot to develop a “Temple of Learning”.

The Kalpa-Vriksh Learning Centre (KLC) was born in 2007 is nestled amidst sprawling lush green lawns, gardens and tall trees, providing an ideal environment for Learning. It is equipped with world class facilities including 3 training halls (to accommodate 100 learners at a time), meeting/discussion rooms, well-equipped library, computer centre and residential facilities which can accommodate up to 100 participants. Other facilities include recreation area housing both, indoor and outdoor games facilities. Various programs – Leadership Development, Technical, Functional upskilling as well as long duration young graduates orientation programs are conducted on an on-going basis. Keeping in mind our committed focus on practical hands on learning, health and safety, a separate area is provided for practical demonstrations and on-site activities for understanding various components of transmission and distribution network on life size prototypes. The centre plays an important role in the Training and Development of employees from induction and orientation to continuous learning and application of new knowledge, skills and attitudes to improve productivity and morale and create a learning culture.


Early Leadership Excellence, Visioning, and Talent Management

With ELEVATE we identify individuals with high potential in the junior leadership roles i.e. ‘young leaders’ and engage them through a leadership development journey focused on the evolving market scenarios with apt leadership skills to manage a team and emerge as an agile leader. It is a seven-month-long leadership journey that equips individuals with scientific and contemporary ways of learning.


 Long Term Leadership Development Intervention (Leadership Excellence and Purpose)

With LEAP we identify individuals with high potential at middle management level i.e ‘future leaders’ and absorb them on a leadership development journey focused on assuming business leadership roles. It is a seven-month-long leadership journey that equips individuals with scientific - competency based and contemporary ways of learning.

Executive Leadership Program

The ELP is delivered in partnership with a leading business school and is custom created for KPIL. Mid to senior level leaders come together to work on enhancing their understanding of global business scenarios, individual leadership challenges, change management and stakeholder management etc.

Leadership in Project Management

Our core area of competence, Project Management is a skill we are continuously working towards. Our certification program in Project Management and Leadership enables our project leaders and future project leaders to gain an understanding of a holistic approach to project execution, its management, financial and economic aspects and hones their people leadership skills.

Leadership Development at KPIL

Talent drives growth and in turn we actively participate in talent development across levels. With the objective of developing ‘home grown leaders’, we offer the three tire Leadership Development Framework to leaders in the making at KPIL.

Talent Development and Review Council

The Talent Development and Review Council (TDRC) is the governing council formed to ensure a structured talent development process across KPIL. The council members including the Top Management and Business Leaders play a vital role in driving development of home grown leaders. Among the various development interventions resulting as the outcome of the TDRC, our long term leadership development programs act as holistic development tools for our teams.

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